A SPECIAL type of photography was on display as keen snappers met up for a night-time shoot.

Last week's Halstead and District Photographic Society meeting had an introduction to light painting by After Dark Photography duo Danny Kench and Jon Allard.

Usually photographs are made by capturing the light, but here they are made by creating the light.

Society member Bill Hiskett said: “We were shown the tools of the trade, let into some secrets and generally given a really entertaining night.

“But that wasn't the end of it, as our club meeting room at the Methodist Church on New Street is right opposite Halstead park, and Braintree Council had given us special permission to access the park after dark to try out our newly learnt techniques in the bandstand.

“Danny and Jon suggested a few set-ups and worked the lights while we operated our cameras.

“After the first three-minute exposure everyone was looking at their screens open-mouthed at the beauty of what had been created.”

Halstead Gazette: SPECIAL SNAP: The group were granted permission to take photos on the public gardens' bandstandSPECIAL SNAP: The group were granted permission to take photos on the public gardens' bandstand (Image: Bill Hiskett)

He continued: “We tried a few more shots and then Danny asked who wanted to have a go with the light stick.

“I didn't need a millisecond to know that I was going to take the challenge and I don't think I did too badly.

“As a finale Jon stood in an archway wearing an illuminated mask while Danny did some trickery behind him.

“We had a brilliant night, I must say a huge thanks to Danny Kench and Jon Allard for spending their evening with us and also Braintree Council for arranging it so we could get into the park after dark.”

The next HDPS meeting is on May 11, with the group on the look-out for new members.

For more information, visit halsteadphoto.org.uk.