A COUPLE have said thank you to a mystery diner who paid the bill for their lunch.

Sandra and Vic Maguire were having lunch at the Halstead Café in the High Street.

However, when they went to pay for their meal, they were told it had already been paid for.

Sandra said: “It was last Friday, and we were at the Halstead Café for a light lunch.

“We had our meal, and we went to pay, we were told that a lady had already paid it all for us.

“At first, we thought they were taking the mickey. We know them and its somewhere we regularly visit.

"We go in there quite often, say good morning, chat about things, so we thought it was just a joke, but they said no, seriously.

“I think they said it is a woman who does this regularly, but I can’t remember.

“As I say it was only a light lunch but still it was really lovely, and it really made us feel light-hearted is the best way I can explain it.”

Sandra continued: “It was just a really nice gesture for someone to do.

“It reminds you there are really nice people around in the world and certainly made our day.

“We just want to try and find this unknown lady and thank her.”