HALSTEAD Town Council says it needs more support from residents to get the green light for double yellow lines to ease traffic congestion in the town centre.

The council is set to apply to the Local Highways Panel to introduce double yellow lines in Trinity Street on a stretch of road outside the Public Gardens.

The spot is a popular parking area but can cause traffic congestion with cars waiting to pass parked vehicles.

The issue was first brought up at a council meeting in December, when a resident expressed concerns about the road.

At the most recent town council meeting, proposals for double yellow lines received unanimous backing.

The report later received more support from residents, including Ian Pleasance, who said: “It’s about time - that strip causes loads of delays.

“I was stuck in a queue while three HGVs tried to work their way around the cars.

“It doesn't help that there is always a car buyer 'advert car' sitting there. Yes they are legally parked but those are a pain and they take up parking spaces.”

Adam Leatherbarrow said: “This needs to be done.

“It's literally four parking spaces which cause so much traffic.

“There's parking in the High Street, Sainsbury, Co-op, Lidl and opposite the Locomotive pub.”

Dave Paris agreed, saying: “I have literally been saying this for over 20 years.”

Chris Rowe also said something needs to be done.

He said: “It is either that or cut in the parking bays into the pavement a bit, although I'm not sure the pavement is wide enough to allow that to make much difference.”

However, after applying to the Local Highways Panel, the town council was told it needs more evidence of support from those in the “direct vicinity" of where restrictions have been requested.

The town council is now looking for feedback and support from residents who live close-by and are affected by the issues the parking causes.

Residents should email any views about the proposals to townclerk@halsteadtowncouncil.org.uk.