SCHOOL pupils got together to take on a series of challenges to raise funds to support a charity helping a fellow classmate.

Children in Year 6 at Gosfield School set themselves the challenge of raising £1,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital, where classmate Joshua is having treatment for B cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Their target was for each of them to complete 1,000 repetitions of an activity they find difficult. 

Kaitlyn said: “I swam 1,000 lengths of the pool. Halfway through, my arms were really tired, but I managed to keep going.”

Her classmate Flo shot 1,000 netball goals, even when it was snowing.

For one pupil, Neil, the challenge was to hold the plank position for 1,000 seconds.

Niall, another pupil who took part in the challenge, said: "I decided to do 1,000 sit-ups.

“I had to do a hundred at a time because if I did any more, I got cramp."

After seeking sponsorship from family and friends, to date they have raised more than £2,500 - smashing their original target by more than £1,000.

Year six teacher Pippa Kerry said: “When they learnt that Josh was ill, their compassion and desire to show their support for him was overwhelming.”

Prep school headteacher Heather Bougeard added: “The children's tremendous determination and compassion have been nothing short of inspirational.

“We are incredibly proud of them for all they have achieved so far, in honour of Joshua.''

Great Ormond Street Hospital spokesman Kevin Proctor said the money raised will help fund life-saving equipment and groundbreaking research to find cures and treatments.

It will also help to build new facilities where children will have more space to get well, and parents can stay with their children night and day.

Joshua's mum Lisa said: “We are so proud of everyone.

“What a kind, caring and inspirational class.

“It means so much to Josh to know that his class is supporting him and that they have got his back.”

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