AN events venue has announced the return of a popular day out as part of its 2023 calendar.

Hedingham Castle will be bringing back its Knight School days for visitors to jump back in time and enjoy the historic venue.

A spokesman said: "With Knights Tower Medieval Combat School, learn together and fight together in duels and team battles.

“Knight School revives 500-year-old medieval tournament rules and brings them to the modern day. Using padded weapons, you will learn how to fight like a medieval knight.

“In each one-hour session, be coached in combat techniques by members of the Historical European Martial Arts team.

“We strongly believe in the physical and mental benefits of the sport, and encourage anybody to come along and get involved. We look forward to training with you.”

Knights regularly visit the castle grounds each year for different events, one of which was the Knights of Arkley joust, which was a big hit last summer.

Knights battled it out in front of the ancient castle keep, while audiences marvelled at their skill and prowess on horseback.

Other activities during the event included a living history camp with the Bonivant Household, who created a medieval village featuring demonstrations on how to make a bow, how to dress a knight and cookery.

There was also a family barbaric battle with foam swords and shields, birds of prey displays and performances from medieval musicians the Colchester Waits.

The Knight School event is suitable for adults and children aged six and over, with all abilities welcome.

The sessions are hourly, and are available on Monday, February 13, from 12noon to 3pm, on Tuesday, February 14 from 11am to 3pm and Wednesday, February 15, from 10am to 1pm.

Knight School tickets are an add-on of £2.50 per person for a one-hour session when visiting the estate on these dates with a Garden and Castle entry ticket.

Add-on tickets cannot be purchased on their own - you must also have a ticket for entry to the grounds or access will be denied at the gate.

For more information or tickets, visit