A TRIO of veteran councillors have announced their shock resignation amid a row with their colleagues over "unnecessary divisions" and "difficult meetings".

Halstead town councillors Mick Radley, Dave Gronland and Peter Claydon resigned from their positions at the last town council meeting.

In a letter submitted to the council, which was read out on the evening, it said they had a “lack of confidence" as councillors to influence and make decisions for residents. 

The trio argued “contribution of councillors has been increasingly diluted”.

Halstead Gazette: Former councillor Dave GronlandFormer councillor Dave Gronland (Image: N/A)The statement read: “It is with regret that we, Councillor Dave Gronland, Councillor Mick Radley and Councillor Peter Claydon, submit our resignations as members of Halstead Town Council as of December 14, 2022.

“In our view, on numerous occasions, the policies and direction of the council has been insufficiently shaped and led by elected councillors.

“This has caused us to have a lack of confidence as councillors to adequately influence and collectively make sound decisions in the best interests of residents.

“We believe this has also contributed to creating unnecessary divisions and difficult meetings in the council.

“As a consequence, we feel the contribution of councillors has been increasingly diluted and unfortunately, we can no longer continue in these circumstances.”

Halstead Gazette: Former councillor Mick RadleyFormer councillor Mick Radley (Image: N/A)

Mr Radley was a former council chairman and mayor of Halstead, serving for two years throughout Covid.

During his time as chairman, Mr Gronland was vice-chairman and deputy lead for finance and Mr Claydon the lead member for finance.

Following the resignations, there are now only nine Halstead town councillors.

Halstead Town Council did not comment on the resignations.