A SCHOOL mascot has been a part of a huge space programme after joining the team at NASA.

Earlies this year for British Science Week St. Margaret’s Prep School in Gosfield welcomed a special visitor from NASA’s Artemis Programme.

Sian Cleaver, who is the aunt of school pupil Theo, five, is an Industrial Manager for the Orion European Service Module.

Her team builds the service module which will carry the crew’s supplies on NASA’s Orion spacecraft, which is used in the Artemis missions, which will be taking people back to the moon for the first time in over 50 years.

Halstead Gazette: Luna at NASALuna at NASA (Image: N/A)

With the Artemis missions, NASA will land the first woman and first person of colour on the Moon, using innovative technologies to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before.

Following this, the team will use what has been learnt to take the next giant leap, sending the first astronauts to Mars.

During British Science Week Sian worked with pupils on various experiments.

Pupils in Years 3 to 6 worked to design an egg/rover lander, testing them during science lessons with Sian judging which team would be ‘awarded the contract from NASA’.

Following the week, Sian explained how she wanted to involve the school in this historical moment.

With this idea, she took Luna, the school’s teddy bear along to meet the astronauts, ask them pupils’ questions and to watch the launch up close.

Halstead Gazette: Sian and Luna at NASASian and Luna at NASA (Image: N/A)

Luna filmed a special video question and answer video with NASA astronaut Shannon Walker, who has spent more than 150 days in space.

Artemis, I launched on 25th November and completed its Moon mission when the Orion capsule safely returned on December 11.

Halstead Gazette: Sian and Luna with astronaut Shannon WalkerSian and Luna with astronaut Shannon Walker (Image: N/A)

Headteacher Carolyn Moss said: “We are so grateful to Sian for including our school in this piece of history.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and were delighted to watch the videos in assembly. “Luna is safely back from her adventures and sitting proudly in the library to remind the children that they too should reach for the stars.”

Halstead Gazette: Pupils Delilah and Sophie with LunaPupils Delilah and Sophie with Luna (Image: N/A)

There is now a display in the school library to show off the teddy bear which has been a part of history.