POLICE had a quiet weekend in Halstead after implementing a dispersal order in the town.

The order was put in place last week ahead of the weekend following anti-social behaviour in the town.

It covered the town centre and provided police with extra powers to break up groups of two or more people were believed that their behaviour is causing distress or harassing the public.

The order ran from 10pm last Friday evening until 6am on Sunday morning, affecting the area in the map.

The force also said last week officers are continuing to work with Braintree Council to reduce the impact on the local community.

Reporting on the weekend, the police have said whilst no one was dispersed, they will not hesitate to bring it back if necessary.

Acting inspector Andrew Christian said: “We put the dispersal order in place following issues relating to anti-social behaviour and we had extra patrols across Halstead this weekend involving police officers, PCSOs, and specials.

“We engaged with a number of businesses and members of the public but, thankfully, had no need to disperse anyone from the area.

“However, we won’t hesitate to use the powers available to us to tackle issues like this when necessary."

The order came following various issues of anti-social behaviour, with police presence increasing in the town over recent weeks and officers carrying out extra patrols in the town.

Police have already confirmed two teens have been arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary and other offences as part of the investigation.

Three youths were also stopped since patrols increased, with police stopping and possibly searching youths out unaccompanied late at night.

There have been reports of tyre slashings, windows being damaged, Christmas lights wires being cut and more.

Acting inspector Christian said: “Investigations into criminal damage and burglary offences in Halstead in the last few weeks continue with all lines of enquiry being followed.

“If anyone has any information that they haven’t already passed to the police then they can do so via the Essex Police website.”