A PENSIONER stepped back in time to visit the house where he grew up 90 years ago.

Bob Smith was invited back to Blamsters Farm House in Halstead.

Now 91, Mr Smith used to live in the house decades before it became a care home, first moving to Blamsters Farm when he was just four months old in 1931.

During his visit, he shared stories of his time on the farm with residents and staff.

Spokeswoman Gill Gallasi said: “Bob got in touch to see if we could arrange for him to visit the TLC site at Blamsters.

“He visited five or six years ago on the off chance and spoke to the gardener, but didn’t go inside.

"But he was able to this time and see his childhood home for a final time.

“During his visit, Bob shared stories with us about how he would pump water from the well and he described the old layout of the site – where the cottage and farmhouse were one building with a kitchen in the cottage.

“The family had eight horses and they were kept in the coach house.

"They also had chickens, sheep and about 100 cows. There was an apple store where the cabin is today, and the tractors were kept where the reception and Blamsters Lodge are today. 

“He recalled stories from yesteryear of his mum making jams and cooking lots of treats in the kitchen, and even told us about how a V2 bomb in the Second World War landed in Halstead on the hill behind Blamsters Farm and blew all the windows out. He said there was a large crater in the land where it had landed

“He also remembered buying a motorbike but his Dad didn’t want him to have one so he threw it in the pond. We wondered if it’s still lurking in there."

Halstead Gazette: Bill Smith at Blamsters Farm HouseBill Smith at Blamsters Farm House (Image: N/A)

Gill continued: "It was lovely to welcome Bob back to the farm at Blamsters.

“He really enjoyed the day, the visit and the opportunity to relive some of his childhood memories. 

“Our site has such a rich heritage and it was great for some of our colleagues to find out a little bit more about our history.”