A FRUSTRATED councillor has pleaded with residents to report crimes to the police following a large spate of vandalism including slashed tyres and Christmas lights being cut.

Hooligans struck in Halstead with numerous reports of tyre slashings as well as a window being damaged.

Police said they had received 14 reports of vandalism although the number of attacks could be even higher.

A police spokesman said: “We are currently investigating a series of criminal damage reports where victims have had the tyres of their vehicles slashed in Halstead this weekend.

“At this stage, we have received 14 reports of criminal damage at locations in Halstead including Kings Road, Tidings Hill, Ronald Road and Lock Road.

Halstead Gazette: Lock Road, HalsteadLock Road, Halstead (Image: Google Maps)

“All offences are believed to have taken place between 10pm on Saturday, November 26, and 1am Sunday, November 27.

“In addition to this, we also received a report of a window being vandalised at a property on Tweed Close which we believe is connected.

“This series of reports remain under investigation and no arrests have been made at this stage.

“We are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed anything or have any further information to contact us.”

Halstead councillor and mayor Jackie Pell has expressed her frustrations with what she described as "mindless vandalism" and urged people to report any crimes to the police.

Halstead Gazette:

She said: “The town council is reacting to it. We have written to the crime commissioner and chief constable.

“It is not just tyres, I have had reports of damages to the town crib, plants have been thrown around the High Street, they also cut the wires to the Christmas lights which we had to fix before the switch on.

"We believe it is all the same people.

“The damage is causing a lot of upset to many people, and at this time of year, money is very tight as it is, and these issues will cost a lot of money people don’t have.

“I would just really urge people to report these issues to the police directly and not on social media.

“I also remind people not to take it into their own hands, as obviously they are using something very sharp to cut these tyres, and I don’t want anyone getting hurt.”