An addiction treatment centre has revealed it has received thousands of calls for help since the start of the cost-of-living crisis.

Sanctuary Lodge, in Halstead, is a residential rehabilitation facility operated by the UK Addiction Treatment Group.

It treats people from across the East for addictions ranging from drugs and alcohol to gaming, gambling and pornography. 

Its admissions helpline is now receiving thousands of calls each month from people desperately seeking treatment as their dependencies worsen. 

In August this year, the centre received 4,684 calls for help, rising to 4,797 in September and then rocketing up to 5,219 in October - an 11 per cent increase in just three months. 

The group says the rise in calls has led to an increase in the number of people being admitted to the treatment centre. 

Last year, Sanctuary Lodge admitted 438 people into treatment, a figure that has already been exceeded this year. 

The centre, rated as 'good' by government watchdog the Care Quality Commission, provides 24/7 addiction treatment, care and support, with clients typically staying at the facility for on average 28 days before embarking on their own recovery. 

Head of treatment Nuno Albuquerque said: “The cost of living crisis has been attributed as being the biggest trigger for anxiety, stress and trauma - emotions that addiction loves to thrive off. 

“Unfortunately, people have always turned to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms in life, a behaviour that now, more than ever, will be exacerbated as living conditions for a lot of people become extremely difficult to cope with. 

“If you are struggling, please reach out. Our fantastic team will guide you in the right direction and get you the best help for you.”