NINE drivers were punished for flouting speed limits as police look to clamp down on the issue in a rural village.

Officers carried out an operation in Earls Colne last week after concerns about speeding across the village. 

The officers set up at two different spots and checked 100 cars in each location.

The officers gave words of advice to drivers who were found to be just over the 30mph limit.

Further action was taken on nine drivers most of whom lived in the village.

The concerns raised by residents come after a pensioner was injured following a crash.

On September 23, a man was taken to hospital following a collision with an HGV.

The East of England Ambulance Service was called to Earls Colne High Street with police also on hand.

Police revealed in 2021 there were an estimated 1,560 reported road deaths and an estimated 27,300 people killed or seriously injured.

Earls Colne Parish Council has said they will work to understand what actions can be taken to help the issue once a police investigation into the recent incident has concluded.

A spokesman said: “The council was extremely saddened to hear about the horrific accident in the village.

“We extend our heartfelt thoughts, prayers and best wishes to the resident involved in the incident, together with their family.

“We understand that there is an ongoing police investigation regarding the circumstances that surround the incident and await the findings of that process to be able to work with the appropriate agencies to understand what actions can be taken to try to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.

“Once we understand what the next steps are, we will share these with all residents together with what actions are to be undertaken and their timescales.

“In the meantime, the police have carried some speed checks in the area where the incident happened and a summary of their findings, and actions, can be seen on Facebook, on the Earls Colne community page.”