Frustrated councillors are demanding action to help tackle long-running flooding problems in Halstead town centre. 

Bridge Street in Halstead has become notorious for flooding, with businesses on the street regularly suffering. 

In heavy rain, water can rise over pavements to the bottom of shop doors with several incidents over the years spelling disaster for local traders, 

In 2020, businesses such as the Coffee Kavern, which has since closed, suffered damage when traffic sent tidal waves of water through their front doors. 

Problems have persisted as recently as August with the Phoenix Arizona café being forced to shut temporarily while the fire service worked to drain the street. 

The flooding has seen residents call for action and now, following a town council meeting on Monday, Halstead Town Council says it will contact Essex County Council to seek an end to the crisis. 

Halstead Council says the street is designated a high flood risk area in the Environment Agency records, which “suggests that the County Council should be giving more attention to the area”. 

The council also says many Bridge Street businesses can’t get insurance due to the flood risk. 

Halstead Council says it has reported the flooding to Essex Highways and suggested installing a culvert but wasn’t satisfied with the county council’s response. 

Now, the council will work with county councillor Chris Siddall to try to move Essex Highways towards fixing the issue by sending a strongly worded letter. 

Halstead mayor Jackie Pell said: “We were unanimous in agreement to take action. This has been going on for years. 

“The traffic is also really making things worse. Cars try to drive through it and it creates waves. 

“It is safe to say we have started the ball rolling on this, but it won’t be something which is fixed overnight. 

“Enough is enough, action has to be taken because this can’t keep on happening. 

“We can’t remedy this, but we know the people who can, and it is about lobbying them because we can't keep having businesses paying the price.” 

But Essex County Council say it took action to clear the drainage on Monday.

A spokesman for Essex Highways, said: “We completed works on Bridge Street on Monday, September 26. The highway drainage in the area has now been cleaned and the associated piped connections jetted to ensure they are clear.

“Our highway drainage connects to the Anglian Water surface water system, which then discharges into the River Colne. 

"Anglian Water has been contacted and asked to clear their pipes, as necessary.”