RESIDENTS are split over proposals to impose a blanket 20mph speed limit across Halstead.

In a poll by the Halstead Gazette, readers have had their say on plans which could see the speed limit introduced in residential areas.

It comes as Halstead Town Council looks at proposals to join the Twenty Is Plenty campaign.

So far, the scheme is being trialled in select towns across Wales before a national rollout across Wales in September 2023.

Councils across the UK are being invited to a conference on the campaign.

Coming to Oxford in October, councillors from across the country will attend the conference and Halstead Town Council has confirmed councillor Dave Gronland will be attending the conference on a fact-finding mission.

So far, Halstead Town Council says it is unknown if the plans will be adopted, but would not be sending a representative if they weren’t interested.

In the poll, readers were asked if they would support plans to bring a 20mph speed limit to residential areas across Halstead.

From 75 votes, 56 per cent said they would support the move, with 44 per cent disagreeing.

When asked if they thought the plans were feasible, from 35 votes 43 per cent said it was while 57 per cent said it wasn’t

Readers also voiced their opinions online.

Richard Surman said: “A lot of towns and cities have a temporary speed limit of 20mph around schools which is a good idea, but I cannot help but think this is the drawback of Halstead not having a bypass."

Aide Smart said: “A speed limit will only be effective if you have the ability to police it.

“So, without speed cameras and the lack of any police presence in Halstead, it will be a token gesture of expensive signs.

“Tidings Hill in particular needs traffic calming speed humps, a weight limit or, as previously stated in my humble opinion, needs to be one-way.”

Kala Dowsett added: “It feels like that now. With the amount of cars and lorries, you're lucky to get into third gear. Spend money on a bypass. Also, make Factory Lane one-way too. It makes sense when Kings Road is.”