A MUM has spoken of her concern after her flat neighbours were burgled in broad daylight.

Brooke Osborne, from Halstead, was sitting in her flat in Colne Valley Close when her neighbours on the floor below were burgled at about 1.30pm.

She said: “I’m a stay-at-home mum with a nine-month-old daughter.

“She was asleep on my lap at the time, and I had a notification to say amazon had handed my parcel to me in person, even though I was upstairs.

“I heard some shouting downstairs and just thought it was a couple having a disagreement, until it got to about 2 to 2.30pm and the police knocked on my door.

“I mentioned the argument and that is when they told me they weren’t having an argument but that they had been burgled. I was absolutely shocked.

“When I answered the door, I looked for my amazon parcel, but it was gone too, and the locks were smashed off their door.”

“It was only a small parcel and is nothing compared to having your whole life ripped out, but the principal of it is the same, it is invasive.

“Police just told us to be vigilant and keep our doors locked.”

Essex Police have been approached for comment.