A FURIOUS council says it can’t understand how parents let their kids run wild a night amid safety concerns over youths running across rooftops during the summer holidays.

Halstead Town Council has issued a statement addressing an ongoing problem with young people in the town.

The council, which appears to be at its wit's end, says there have been several incidents of young people running across town centre rooftops.

With the summer holidays only recently ending, various businesses have issued complaints to the council.

The incidents are understood to have caused serious damage to businesses on the High Street.

The council says businesses are considering contacting social services over the matter.

In tandem with the plea of local businesses, the council is calling on parents to keep an eye on their children.

Essex Police has also been informed.

A spokesperson for Halstead Town Council said: “Over the summer holidays there have been a number of school-age children who have taken to climbing on the roofs of various shops and businesses in the High Street, in the early hours of the morning.

“This activity has caused serious damage to the roofs of several businesses in the High Street, and is highly dangerous for the children since there is a strong likelihood of them falling through or off the roof.

“The damage caused will cost a not insignificant amount in repairs, and there is a fear amongst business owners that this could happen again.

“All those businesses involved are holding a meeting to discuss their next action.

“They will also be getting in touch with social services to talk to the parents of the children who have been spotted at night.

“It is hard to understand how parents can let their children be at risk of falling off a roof in the middle of the night, and not do anything to prevent them from being out of the house at such a time.

“The police have also been informed. The walkway at Sainsburys is currently roped off due to the danger of falling tiles.”