A STUDENT has turned struggle into success after she overcame brain and spinal surgery to ace her GCSEs.

Lucy Richardson, from Halstead, was over the moon to achieve six grade 9s, two grade 8s, a grade 7 and a Distinction after overcoming adversity during her studies.

She was one of the highest achieving pupils at the Ramsey Academy in Halstead.

Lucy was a keen dancer, with aspirations to go on to have a career in the arts.

Halstead Gazette:

However, just before the pandemic, in January 2019, she was diagnosed with scoliosis by the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London.

Further tests then showed she also had a malformation of the brain caused by the spinal issues.

Lucy’s mum Stacey Humm spoke about her journey.

She said: “She was in Great Ormond Street and underwent brain surgery in July 2019.

“The same year in November, once the brain surgery was concluded, they operated on her back, which was quote major surgery too and now she has two big rods down there.

Halstead Gazette:

“It was quite a big recovery period, and she always wanted to do dance.

“She was a freestyle dancer at championship level, but that all had to change after her surgeries.”

Halstead Gazette:

Lucy was determined not to let this define her, and turned her attentions to nailing her GCSEs, with ambitions to study Law at Cambridge.

However, through her large periods of recovery combined with Covid isolation before hospital visits, Lucy did much of her studies at home.

Stacey added: “The teachers were excellent, and I can't praise the Ramsey Academy enough, they knew how committed and determined she was.

“She had lots of support through her home learning, but a lot of it was also her own discipline and determination to learn and succeed.

“She made it her mission to get really good grades.”

Halstead Gazette:

Lucy has now applied for a college in Upminster to study her A Levels, hoping to go on to study Law at Cambridge.

Stacey said: “We are very proud of her.

“It just shows you can overcome anything with the right mindset.

“I am sure she has got a very bright future.”