With an new 20mph speed limit potentially on the horizon, would you be interested in seeing the anti-speeding scheme implanted?

Halstead Town Council says it is looking at proposals to join the Twenty is Plenty campaign.

The campaign advocates introducing a blanket 20mph speed limit to residential areas in towns and villages.

So far, the scheme is being trialled in select towns across Wales before a national rollout across Wales in September 2023.

Now councils across the UK are being invited to a conference on the campaign.

Coming to Oxford in October, councillors from across the country will attend the conference to discuss the proposals and decide if it is something they want in their towns and villages.

Halstead Town Council has confirmed councillor Dave Gronland will be attending the conference on a fact-finding mission.

So far, Halstead Town Council says it is unknown if the plans will be adopted, but they wouldn’t be sending an attaché if they weren’t interested.

It comes amid concerns over road safety in Halstead on roads such as Tidings Hill.

It is not yet known which roads will be affected by the proposed speed limit.

Halstead mayor Jackie Pell said: “The council will pay for Councillor Gronland’s trip out of our training budget so he can attend the conference.

“This is something which is going national, so we want to make sure we’re not left behind.

“It is something we may need to be well prepared for and we need to find out all the facts.

“If we were against the idea, we wouldn’t let him go.

“I think it is feasible with our roads which are for horse and cart. Halstead is an old town.

“The only problem I can see is enforcement.

“This is a fact-finding mission for us and councils from across the country will attend so we can find out the good and bad points.

“I think it will solve some of the speeding issues - there will always be one but that one could end up really hurting someone.”