A FED-UP council is appealing for residents to report incidents of anti-social behaviour to the police instead of taking to social media to complain.

Halstead Town Council has issued a statement on the town’s current tackling of problem behaviour and has appealed for residents to tell Essex Police.

It comes amid concerns over a rise in anti-social behaviour kickstarted by the pandemic.

Previous incidents reported include drug usage, drinking alcohol, litter, aggressive behaviour, joyriding in Butler Road car park and disturbance of residents in New Street and Kings Road.

The council previously said most incidents take place in Halstead Public Gardens and King George V playing field.

It comes after the authority said it has received numerous complaints about anti-social behaviour from residents.

The town council has now confirmed a meeting was held with Essex Police, community services and Braintree Council in a bid to crackdown on the issue.

As a result of the meeting, a plea has been issued by Halstead Town Council to report incidents of anti-social behaviour to Essex Police rather than venting frustrations on social media.

A spokesman for the council said: “After many complaints from the public, Halstead Town Council recently decided to take action aimed at reducing the incidents of antisocial behaviour in Halstead.

“A multi-agency meeting was held recently, between Halstead Town Council, the police and members of the community services and enforcement teams at Braintree Council.

“It was noted that the public is keen to share any experience of antisocial behaviour, not with the police, but on Facebook and Twitter.

“The public complains a lot about all the things happening in the town but seems to imagine that sharing these matters on Facebook will solve the problem.

“A strong request was made by the police to report to the police every incident that was observed in Halstead, whether it be youths climbing where they shouldn’t, petty theft or minor traffic offences.

“The police record of such incidents is actually lower in Halstead than in surrounding areas."