CONCERNS have been raised over the future of HGV traffic in Halstead after a county council revealed its new lorry routes.

Suffolk County Council has announced its new strategic lorry route for the county.

The new routes impact on traffic across Suffolk, but concerns have been raised over the route’s use of the A131.

For more than two years, Halstead Town Council has been looking at ways to stop HGV traffic from entering the town.

With tight streets and narrow bends, the feeling is the town is not suitable for such traffic.

Fears have also been raised over the impact of exhaust fumes.

It was hoped Essex County Council, Suffolk County Council, Sudbury Town Council and Halstead Town Council could work together to find a solution.

Talks over the plans were ongoing until the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, which halted communication.

Now Suffolk County Council has released its new route, but the contentious use of the A131 from Sudbury to Halstead remains an issue, something which has sparked anger from Halstead and Sudbury councillors.

Halstead mayor Jackie Pell said: “This is really bad news, but we have come to expect it in Halstead. They have no consideration for us.

“What is the solution? We all expect a good life here and right now we are not getting it.

“Take Head Street as an example. Two lorries can’t pass one another because it’s so narrow.

“Head Street and the junction at St Andrew’s Church, they’re the real pinch points in Halstead.

“We have got to look at weight limits, it would be a start.

“We (Halstead and Sudbury) are in the same boat. Essex County Council and Suffolk County Council should be working together.”

A spokesperson for Suffolk County Council explained: “The A131 from Ballingdon in Suffolk into Essex has been on the original Suffolk Lorry Route Network from the start.

“The recent changes have shortened the route to terminate just over the border in Essex.

“Suffolk County Council has consulted with neighbouring highway authorities, including Essex County Council, who did not raise any specific concerns with this route.

“We are scheduling a further meeting with our colleagues at Essex County Council and if they update their routing in the future, we will take this into account in any subsequent changes on the Suffolk map.”