RESIDENTS are being warned to take care after a sinkhole opened in Halstead.

A sinkhole has been spotted on Hedingham Road in the town and is located near the mini roundabout junction at the top of High Street.

According to witnesses, the sinkhole is getting bigger and has deteriorated rapidly in the past two hours.

The authorities have been notified but drivers are advised to avoid the sinkhole.

Elliott Brock, who works as a physiotherpaist on Hedingham Road, said: "It was noticed about nine this morning and has rapidly deepened and opened over the course of a day.

"Its positively scary watching cars and lorries drive over it as it looks like it could open up at any time.

"We’ve all seen plenty of potholes but I’ve never seen anything like this."

Essex Highways has said it will be working to fix the sinkhole and emergency repairs have been made.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “We were informed of the issue by Essex Police earlier this afternoon.

“An inspection took place to assess the damage and emergency works have now taken place to make the defect safe.

“We will be closely monitoring the situation while we programme a permanent repair.”