THE launch of a new paranormal-themed book is set to be a spooky affair as it takes place in Colchester’s most haunted pub.

The Red Lion Inn, in the town, is famous among locals and said to be haunted.

The inn, which is based on Colchester High Street, is believed to have ties to the paranormal and is said to be home to three ghosts.

Now the pub is set to embrace its haunted history as it hosts the launch of a book with a supernatural story.

The Curious Life of Ada Baker has been written by Sible Hedingham author Karen Hamilton-Viall.

It is due to be released on September 27 with the book launch taking place at the Red Lion on October 1.

The book follows Ada Baker, a psychic girl who shares a haunted home with three ghosts.

The supernatural beings encourage Ada to use her psychic abilities to solve the murder of a local artist’s model, Mary Watts.

It is set in a fictional town, loosely based on Sudbury, and follows Ada as she tries to solve the crime with help from this world and the afterlife.

Karen said: “Whilst the idea of psychics working with the police is not new, having the help of a ghostly police service I think is more unusual.

“As mentioned in the book, this was partly inspired by An Inspector Calls, which we had to study in school, and I have taken the idea to the next level.

“I’ve always had a huge interest in ghosts and my first experience with a real one made me realise that spirits are just ordinary people, who happen to not have a physical body anymore.

“The idea grew in my mind of treating the spirit like a living person.

“So often ghosts are written off as something on the fringes to be feared.

“I wanted to highlight the humanity in them - to showcase that they are just like you or me.

“I would love people to wonder, is there really life after death? Perhaps they'll investigate it further.”