PLANS have been submitted which could see more than a dozen new homes built in a village.

Developers have sent an application to Braintree Council to build 14 homes in Gosfield.

The site is located in the northeast of the village on land east of the Hedingham Road A1017.

The area is currently vacant but, according to Braintree Council planners, “is situated within the setting of Grade II Listed Shardlowes Farm barn.”

Planning permission has previously been rejected for plans to build 135 homes on the site, but using a wider site area.

The application was dismissed on appeal by the Planning Inspectorate.

The new outline planning application seeks to build 14 homes, with nine on the open market and five as social housing.

According to Braintree Council planners the application site is not allocated for development and lies beyond any designated town or village development boundary in the adopted Local Plan.

The plans have been objected to by Gosfield Parish Council.

Reasons for the objection are due to the development being outside the village envelope, in a 40mph speed limit area zone, having the “access on a blind bend” and the impact on the river, as well as it being a “flood risk" at the bottom of Halstead Road and "back land development”.

One objector added: “I live opposite this proposed site and have concerns regarding the access onto Hedingham road which will be directly opposite my house.

“Having lived here for eight years, I know that the road is very fast with people still often travelling at nearer 60mph when entering the village from the Sible direction, despite the 40mph limit.

“The visibility from that side of the road is very poor as it is a blind bend and I have concerns that with the fast-moving traffic there will be accidents as cars pull out of the new turning.

“The road also frequently floods outside Silverlink Cottage and Canberra Cottage, and so far this issue has not properly been addressed even though it has been raised on several occasions.”

Braintree Council planners have recommended the application be refused in their report.

It will go before Braintree Council on August 9.