A HEART attack victim has thanked a shopworker for saving his life when he collapsed in a store

Ian Howard, from Sible Hedingham, was going into Argos inside Sainsbury's in Braintree when the incident happened.

The 61-year-old said: “As I walked into there, I had a pain in my chest.

“The security guard asked if I was okay. I said I’m fine and walked down towards Argos, and asked a worker, Holly, for help.

“I became really unwell and collapsed, but she performed CPR on me and basically saved my life.

“I spoke to her after, and she told me there was another off-duty police officer who helped too. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here today.

“I have got two lovely sons and a lovely wife, who support me, and it means so much to them too. No words can say how much I owe her, I am eternally grateful.”

Holly Heather, also from Sible Hedingham, was the shop worker who rushed into action.

Halstead Gazette:

She said: “I have been a first aider for a few years, and have dealt with people falling over etcetera, but when I got to Ian he didn’t look well.

“Ian became unconscious whilst sitting up and passed out whilst we were on the phone to the ambulance.

“His breathing became raspy and the woman on the phone asked us to start CPR compressions.

“It was me and another guy. We made a start, and Ian did regain consciousness which was good.

“We waited for what felt like forever for the ambulance, and Ian said to me after when they looked at his blood, he had really low oxygen levels, and would have died if it wasn’t for us.”

After the experience, Holly is stressing the importance of learning first aid.

Halstead Gazette:

She said: “These skills are so important.

“Nobody wants to have to be involved in these moments, but if everybody had that opinion, Ian might not have made it.

“It is an incredible skill to know, and I’m glad I did the training.

“I’m not a hero - I’m just doing what I should do, and I wish more people realised anyone can and should do it.”