Here is a round-up of where there will be road closures across Colchester and north Essex in the coming weeks.

  • Colchester Academy’s year 11 prom will temporarily suspend the prohibition of vehicles in the High Street in Colchester while it takes place between 6pm on Friday, July 1, and 1am on Sunday, July 3.
  • The one-way restriction on Northgate Street will be temporarily suspended and controlled to allow resident access. These restrictions will be in place on Saturday, July 2, and Sunday, July 3, and Saturday, August 6.
  • An event at Colchester Castle Park will close lengths of roads in the area including Middle Hill and Northgate Street.
  • The council are planning to alter the existing carriageway to make a cycle lane on Coggeshall Road, in Braintree, at the end of the road by Bank Street. The width of the lane will be approximately 1.5 metres and an added cycle defender lane with a width of 0.5 metres. The pelican crossing on Rayne Road, Braintree, will also be upgraded to a puffin crossing, which uses sensors to control when the traffic is stopped for pedestrians.
  • Lanes for buses, taxis, motorcycles and pedal cycles will be introduced in other areas of Braintree from Monday, July 18. Fairfield Road from the junction at Victoria Street to Manor Street will have a lane for the permitted vehicles. Manor Street from the junction with Fairfield Road and Market Place will have a lane introduced going east for approximately 117.3 metres.
  • An area of the road in Bridge End and Bridge Street in Great Bardfield will be closed for 40 days while brickwork repairs are carried out by Essex County Council from Monday, July 25

A number of roads across Colchester will see parking fees and parking permits increase.

The Council is the lead authority for the North Essex parking partnership and is increasing the fees to park in the area.

From Monday, July 18 the cost of permits and ticket parking charges will increase.

The majority of tariffs have increased by a couple of pounds and some have increased by up to £10.

  • Areas of permit holders only parking will be revoked at points of Butt Road, Charles Street and St Pauls Road and replaced with disabled badge holders only parking.
  • A section of disabled badge holders only parking will be revoked on Kendall Road, Colchester and replaced with a resident permit holders only space.