RENEWED plans to build 16 homes in Halstead have suffered a blow after councillors unanimously objected to the proposals.

Developer Eastlight Community Homes wants permission from Braintree Council to build the homes on land at Cherry Tree Close.

Initial plans to build 20 homes at the site were accepted in 2017.

However, the development changed hands and in 2019 came under the ownership of Eastlight Community Homes.

Now, Eastlight is going back to the council to try regain planning permission.

This time though, the plans have been adjusted with a total of 16 homes and 34 parking spaces as well as an access road for the site.

Developers say the site has been identified as being suitable for residential development in council plans and precedent has been set after the 20 homes bid was approved.

They also feel the development would not harm the character of the area according to a planning statement submitted to Braintree Council.

But the plans have suffered a set-back after Halstead Town Council issued a formal objection the bid.

Meeting on Monday, the council unanimously objected to the proposals.

New mayor Jackie Pell, says access to the site is a big concern.

She said: “They have cut down the number of homes, so we couldn’t argue about the density of houses at the site.

“But the access road and road network is cause for concern.

“People park on the pavement and you have to see the road, especially at night, to see how narrow it gets.

“This application is a no-no."