A BATTERY left charging overnight exploded in a home resulting in a kitchen fire which “could have been far more serious” according to a fire station boss.

Braintree and Halstead firefighters were called to a property in Hawkwood Road, Sible Hedingham, shortly before 9.30am on Tuesday.

Upon arrival the two crews carried out an investigation and established a blaze had been caused by a faulty battery which had been left on charge throughout the night.

After the device burst into flames, the fire caused damage to the home’s kitchen, but thankfully smoke alarms quickly alerted the occupants to the inferno.

Halstead Gazette:

By the time the firefighters arrived at the scene it is understood the fire had already been put out, but the crews worked to make sure it could not re-ignite.

Steve Byrne, an Essex Fire Service station manager, has now issued a warning urging homeowners and tenants to never leaving batteries charging overnight.

He said: “This incident really demonstrates the dangers of leaving chargers on unsupervised.

“On this occasion, the occupants were fortunately at home and had working smoke alarms, but the outcome could have been far more serious.

“Even if the fire appears to be out, we urge everyone to call the fire service straight away.

“Batteries can continue to heat, even if the fire is out, which presents significant hazards, including risk of explosion.”

According to Mr Byrne faulty batteries are a common cause of fires in Essex and are becoming even more frequent.

Halstead Gazette:

He has now reminded the public to ensure they are only ever purchasing above-board products which would meet the relevant safety checks.

“Please do your research on the item beforehand to make sure these are genuine goods with the CE Mark and that they are not copies.

“Some products and their listings can look really genuine, but the listing, product and packaging should be marked with the CE Mark showing it meets safety regulations.

To find out more information about electrical fire safety and to access further advice from the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service visit essex-fire.gov.uk/electrical_safety.