COUNCIL bosses have announced their budget for the coming year.

Halstead Town Council met on Monday to approve the budget and precept for 2022-23.

Average Band D properties will see just a 94p increase in the town council's share of council tax bills

The council has included funding for numerous events that normally take place in a regular year.

Mayor Mick Radley said: “The budget includes funding for a return of all of the normal events and activities that we have enjoyed in previous years plus an additional event to be held on the Queen’s jubilee weekend.

“The council hopes that as we come out of Covid restrictions in the coming months we will be able to hold these events.

“To help and support local clubs and organisations a grants budget has been set at £4,000 for the year.

“Applications for these grants will be open from April and close at the end of June.”

“It will also be necessary to make a small increase in council tax of 94p per year – two per cent – for the representative Band D property with a pro-rata increase for all other property bands.”