Three pairs of dogs are desperately in need of homes.

Crossbreeds Lucky, 10, and Tyson, 3, have been longing for a loving home since August 2007.

The friendly black and tan pair , who met at the Wethersfield animal home, are very attached to one another.

They are good with children, but would not mix with other cats or dogs.

Lurchers Ben, 5, and Toby, 9, are very calm animals, who would suit a family with children age five plus.

Staffordshire bull terriers Benson, 7, and Sadie ,10, were both unwanted.

They have already spent four months at the animal home.

Victoria Greenland, animal carer, said: "We would be really grateful to home these dogs.

"It would be such a shame to separate them."

If you can help, contact the RSPCA Danaher Animal Home at Thorley Farm, Wethersfield, CM7 4EQ or ring 01371 851201.