Ever wondered if you have royal roots running through your family?

Well now a handy list has revealed exactly who could be related to Her Majesty herself.

Many families have stories of royalty in the family tree, and while many of these turn out to be just that – stories – it can be fun to investigate.

Even if you don’t have tales of Kings and Queens in your past, you might be surprised to discover having noble connections is actually somewhat common.

While having one of the listed royal last names in your tree does not necessarily mean you have royal ancestry, it is certainly cause for a little excitement.

If you can find one of the surnames from your family tree on the list below, you just might be the next in line for the throne…

A – Abel; Alden; Appleton; Ayer

B – Barber; Barclay; Beverly; Binney; Brooke; Brown

C – Campbell; Carroll; Chauncey; Coleman; Cooper

D – Davis; Dickinson; Darling ; Douglas; Dunbar

E - Edwards; Ellery; Ellis; Emmett; Evans

F – Farley; Fleming; Forest; French

G – Gardiner; George; Gerard; Gerry; Gibson; Graham

H – Hamilton; Haynes; Herbert; Hill; Howard; Hume

I – Irving

J – Jackson; James; Jenkins; Johnson

K – Kane; Kennedy; Ker; Key; King

L – Langdon; Lawrence; Lee; Leonard; Livingston; Lloyd

M – McCall; McDonald; Malcalester; Montgomery; Morris; Morton

N – Nelson; Nicholson; Nixon; Norris

O - O’Carroll; Ogle; Opie

P – Parsons; Patterson; Peabody; Pomeroy; Porter; Pratt; Preston

Q - Quay

R – Randolph; Read; Reeve; Robinson; Rogers

S – Sanford; Shaw; Smith; Sowden; Stanley

T – Taylor; Townsend; Turner; Tyler

V – Valentine; Varson

W – Walker; Watts; White; Whiting; Williams

Y - Young