A HALSTEAD takeaway has been awarded a new hygiene rating by food standard bosses.

The Spice Zone, which is based on Head Street, has been awarded a new score.

In the latest report, the Food Standards Agency has given the takeaway a score of four out of five.

The only other Braintree district takeaway to get a new score was Pizza Gogo on Collingwood Road, Witham.

It got the same score of four out of five.

The results now means the Braintree district has 94 takeaways with ratings.

Just over 50 of the Food Standard Agency’s ratings are five out of five.

And none of the district’s inspected food takeaways have a zero rating.

Other Halstead eateries and takeaways with five out of five ratings include Soul Food, Buzy Beanz Bistro, Jubilee, Super Fry, the Hook Of Halstead and USA Chicken.