A HISTORIC castle has launched a new series of interactive experiences based inside and around the ancient keep.

The owners of Hedingham Castle and surrounding estate have unveiled the first Hedingham Experiences.

They are a collection of interactive experiences and are part of a diversification project born out of the pandemic, which saw the majority of the weddings and events business revenue reduce dramatically.

There are three options to choose from, including a wine and cheese tasting experience set within the castle.

Guests will first enjoy a tour of the castle followed by a tasting of seven local wines.

The Hedingham half day and full day experiences are a combination of falconry and archery in the grounds of the 120-acre estate.

Guests have the opportunity to handle a range of birds of prey or a “hawk walk” through the woodland.

For the archery masterclass, guests will learn to shoot using handcrafted longbows and arrows.

Full day experience guests will then be able to try their skills in action with a fun woodland hunt.

Owner Demetra Lindsay said: “We are looking forward to showcasing the estate with these exciting new experiences.

“Being the custodians of such a place is all about sharing its beauty and heritage and we hope to do just that in these unique days out.”