A CARE home manager has thanked the woman who rescued her from a car crash 21 years ago after they were reunited at the home.

Halstead's Kim Richardson was just 17-years-old when she was involved in a car accidents near Gosfield.

The incident saw her injured and her car written off leaving the new driver in shock.

But Kim was grateful for the help of a local woman who came to her aid, phoned an ambulance, her parents and helped her in to her home to calm down.

The kind stranger, known only as June, allowed Kim to keep her vehicle outside her house while they waited for it to be collected, and ensured all parties were safe and well.

After parting ways 21-years-ago Kim was astounded to be reunited with the caring and familiar face when 81-year-old June enquired about a room at Colne View, the care home in Halstead where Kim now works as a Customer Relations Manager.

It gave Kim the chance to finally say thank you to the woman after 21 years.

Kim said: “As soon as I saw June’s face, I instantly recognised her as the compassionate lady that came to my rescue all of those years ago.

"I couldn’t believe it – I was in such a state at the time that I never got the chance to properly thank her for helping me that day. Twenty-one years on, I finally had the chance.”

The reunion comes as Kim's daughter, who is also 17, is learning to drive.

Kim presented June with flowers, to finally express her gratitude for her kindness all those years ago.

June said: “I couldn’t believe that Kim remembered me – I did what anyone would do that day in helping her and her family, and it’s so nice to see her again after so many years.”

Kim added: “It’s been wonderful getting to know June better since she moved in – she really was my hero that day, and our bond has already grown into a flourishing friendship.”