AN elderly woman is pleading with golfers to stop making her life a misery after seeing her home pelted by stray shots.

The widow, 72, who wishes to remain anonymous, is appealing to golfers to be aware of neighbouring homes after seeing her insurance premiums sky-rocket because of damage caused by off-target balls.

The woman lives on Monks Road in Earls Colne, next to Colne Valley Golf Club.

She moved to the village nearly two years ago following the death of her husband, who was keen on her living in the area to be close to family.

While she accepts the occasional ball would hit her house, the woman and her neighbours are fed up after seeing numerous roof tiles shattered by the balls.

She also claims her insurance premiums have shot up after being told she would be expected to pay for the damage and has already forked out £750.

Now the woman is appealing to golfers to think about where their shots may land.

She said: “My house in Monks Road seemed ideal. I had just one concern – its proximity to the golf course.

“I realised of course that there would be the rare occasion when mis-hits might come my way but I believed that all involved would accept responsibility if it ever happened.

“I never expected to be told that as the golf club had been there 30 years I had to expect to put up with damage.

“Sadly, for me and my next-door neighbours, our homes are hit regularly by golf balls.

“It is terrifying to be in the garden when a golf ball drops from the sky like a bullet and sharp bits of roof tile hail down.

“The golf club are aware and tell me they are giving it consideration but they accept no responsibility for repairs.

“Currently, I have a number of missing roof tiles.

I have reached the stage where my insurance premium has rocketed and I can’t risk claiming again.

“My pension just does not stretch to these frequent roof repairs.”

She added: “I feel I’ve let my husband down. He would be horrified that I’ve put myself in this situation.

“I’m not living the safe, secure life he wanted.”

And she urged golfers: “Please be aware of the houses when you play on Earls Colne golf course.

“Some golf courses I know ask that some drivers aren’t used on certain holes. Perhaps think about that.

“If the worst happens, you have insurance so admit to it and make sure repairs are made.

“My late husband played golf at times – albeit badly.

“I know that he would have done his utmost not to damage someone’s home, but he would have apologised and made sure that that repairs were made as necessary.”

Colne Valley Golf Club declined to comment due to ongoing legal proceedings with the housing developers.