DEVELOPERS are hoping to revive a failed bid to build homes in a village after launching an appeal.

Land Allocations is hoping to overturn a decision made by Braintree Council to refuse planning permission to a housing bid.

The bid sought to build 73 homes on land just west of Prayors Hill in Sible Hedingham.

The plans were first submitted back in October 2019 and looked to bring 90 homes to the area.

After a number of objections, a revised bid was submitted for 73 homes in November 2020.

However, opposition remained strong with the bid racking up more than 80 objections.

Sible Hedingham councillor Jo Beavis also objected to the plans.

Braintree Council’s planning committee agreed with objectors and rejected the application at a planning meeting in December 2020.

But now the developers want to revive their bid and have launched an appeal to try overturn the decision.

Objections to the original bids were mainly due to concerns over road safety at the site’s two proposed access junctions on Wethersfield Road and Prayors Hill.

In their verdict, the council also outlined road safety as a key reason for its refusal.

One objector said: “I strongly object. We have too many people in Sible.

“Our woefully inadequate GP service will be put past breaking point with additional housing.

“There are not enough school places and the transport infrastructure, including the T-junction with Wethersfield Road, is dangerous, with poor visibility.

“The developers earn enormous sums of money and the residents of Sible suffer.

“I believe that Sible has done its bit in ticking the boxes for additional housing. We just cannot sustain anymore.”

Braintree Council has written to residents informing them of the appeal and asking residents to make comments if they want.

The appeal will be determined on the basis of written representations.

The council said: “We have forwarded all the representations made to us on the application to the Planning Inspectorate and the appellant. These will be considered by the inspector when determining the appeal."