A DRUNK man found slumped in a barber's shop in Colchester has been hit with a fine for his unruly behaviour.

Martin Shine, 43, was reported to the police for being "aggressive" towards customers in a shop in Queen Street, Colchester, on September.

Colchester Magistrates' Court heard officers arrived and found Shine slumped by the wall behind the barber shop door.

They found him slurring his words and smelling strongly of alcohol.

He was placed in a police vehicle, where was "acting unpredictably, shouting, with erratic behaviour".

In custody, he hurled insults at officers.

The court heard he had three previous convictions for six offences.

He admitted being drunk and disorderly in a public place, in breach of a community order imposed for a previous offence of drink driving.

Addressing the court on Friday, Shine said he would be attending a rehabilitation centre later that very day.

he said: "I would like to apologise for behaving really badly, I was really drunk, which is obviously no excuse.

"I've got a problem with alcohol and I am trying to do something about it. "

Shine, of Brickhouse Road, Colne Engaine, was ordered to pay £339 in fines and court costs.