A WOMAN has managed to raise more than £1,100 for charity after undertaking a 1,000-mile cycling challenge.

Jane Giffould, from Halstead, is close to completing a mammoth challenge to clock up 1,000 miles in 100 days.

So far she has completed more than 930 miles with the challenge coming to an end on Sunday, September 26.

The aim of the challenge was to raise £1 per mile to hit a target of £1,000, but Jane’s fundraiser has so far reached £1,130 and the cyclist is eager to increase her total even further.

The money is being raised in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Jane decided to raise funds for the charity as she fights her own battle with cancer.

So far, Jane has completed six cycles of chemotherapy and she still tries to get on her bike at least once a day.

She said: “This summer has been devoted to chemotherapy.

“It’s not my favourite activity, so to brighten it up a bit I decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

“I reckoned that I could do 1,000 miles on the local highways and byways in 100 days.

“I am doing this because with one in two people likely to get cancer, it has a higher profile than Covid.

“I am keen on the potential new cures that are being investigated where a virus carries the specific drug to the specific cancer cells rather than the whole body being drugged up to the eyeballs.

“Hence I want to contribute to this research and so my fundraising.

“I would be delighted if people would share this with me and encourage me to keep pedalling to reach my 1,000 miles.

“As an aside, cycling along the bumpy roads of Essex jiggles one’s insides round so much that they forget to feel sick from the chemotherapy.”

To donate to Jane’s appeal, visit 100daychallenge.me.