A CONCERNED animal-lover is urging motorists to be responsible if they hit an animal with their car after having to put down an injured deer which had been left at the side of the road.

Sam Gair, 51, from Steeple Bumpstead, is asking drivers to be cautious but to do the right thing if they hit an animal.

Sam, who regularly takes part in the rescue of cats, says more animals are likely to appear on country roads due to farmers harvesting their fields.

She claims the harvest is likely to drive wildlife away from the fields.

Having noticed an increase number of dead animals on the road, she says a rise in the number of drivers after lockdown could also be a factor.

Sam is calling on drivers to step up and help an animal if they hit them with their car.

She was forced to put down a deer after it was hit by a car near to Stambourne.

Sam found the deer at the side of the road and says it was unable to move its back legs.

She said: “Luckily a friend came out to help me and we got her in the car and took her to a vet friend where she was humanely put out of her misery.

“The speed limit of 60 mph on country roads is not a target, especially with all the bends on that road.

“I am not naive enough to think every accident can be prevented, and do appreciate sometimes animals do just run out in front of cars.

“However, if you do hit an animal, do the right thing and stop.

“It was just getting dark and chances are this fawn would have been hit by a car time and time again.

“The person that hit her must have been aware.

“If you aren’t sure how to obtain help, call someone or ask on social media. Someone will help by signposting you to the correct place.

“Shame on the person that didn’t stop, but at least she had a dignified end.”