A COLLECTION of treasured antique cars has sold at auction for almost £60,000 following the death of their passionate owner.

Colchester-based auctioneers Reeman Dansie finalised the sales of car once belonging to George Allen yesterday.

The collection consisted of four Ford Model Ts, two Minis and a Ford Sierra, with all four of the Model Ts being dated at more than 100 years old.

The oldest car of the collection was a Model T built in 1911, just three years after production of the iconic vehicle began.

Interest was high on the day, with numerous enthusiasts taking interest in the lots.

Overall, the collection sold at auction for £57,900 with the most expensive car being Mr Allen’s other 1911 Ford Model T.

Born and bred in Halstead, Mr Allen died at the age of 94 after amassing his impressive collection throughout the decades.

He worked as labourer at RAF Ridgewell during the Second World War where he help build hangars for the American servicemen based there.

After the war, he moved to work for his family’s scrap metal business, based behind his Chapel Hill home in the town.

Mr Allen was affectionately known as Chips to his friends and family and could be seen at numerous local shows in and around Colchester and Halstead.

After his death, Mr Allen’s collection was to be donated to a museum as per the wishes of his will.

But, after his next of kin wasn’t able to find a suitable home for them due to the pandemic, his will said they should be sold at auction with the proceeds going to charities Mr Allen supported.

These include local charities like the Earls Colne-based Essex and Herts Air Ambulance and the Wethersfield-based Danaher Animal Home.

Overall, more than £52,000 is expected to be donated to charity after the auctioneers’ commission.

Valuer and auctioneer with Reeman Dansie, lewis Rabett said: "We are very happy with the results of the auction and it has exceeded our expectations.

"We are so pleased that Mr Allen's cars are going to be cherished by fellow enthusiasts.

"It was Mr Allen's wish that the proceeds of his cars would be donated to local good causes and he would be thrilled to know that the money raised will go a long way in supporting things that he cared about."