A NEW horror film, shot in Halstead, has now been released.

Familiars is a new scary movie which has been released on Amazon Prime.

The film was shot in Halstead and those keen-eyed viewers will be able to make out scenes in the flim which were shot in High Street, Bridge Street and Butler Road.

More noticeable and important scenes were also shot at the Causeway and outside the Empire Theatre.

Interior scenes were also filmed in a private house in Colchester Road with the rooms being dressed to look like a tea room.

Familiars is produced by former Ramsey Academy student Jane Lindekam and follows the story of a young woman called Emma who suffers from severe anxiety following the unsolved murder of her twin sister a year earlier.

Director and screenwriter Michael Munn chose Halstead as he felt it was the ideal location saying it represents “a place where Emma finds some relief from the anxiety which colours her life”.

He added: “She suffers panic attacks, and her daily drive from home to work along the A131 is a trial for her.

“Her anxiety eases as she arrives in Halstead where, with the help of her colleague Leah she finds a way to potentially deal with her issues.

“I think this resonated with Jane because she was brought up in Halstead which she still considers home even though she hasn’t lived there for almost 30 years, but it’s where her parents lived out the rest of their lives.”

The movie was filmed prior to the pandemic and was meant to get a limited cinema release in independent cinemas.

A world premiere has also been arranged for July 2020 in Chelmsford but the pandemic put everything on hold.

Jane and Michael decided to release the film, rated 15, for streaming earlier this year and it can now be seen on Amazon Prime.