TWO sisters are going the distance as they take part in a celebrity sponsored fundraiser to fight breast cancer.

Gemma Hall, 40, and Kate Saunders, 44, are taking part in the ‘Come Fly with Gi Scottish Highlands Trek’ this week in aid of the Coppafeel! charity.

Celebrities Giovanna Fletcher and Emma Willis will lead the group featuring Gemma, from Halstead, and Kate, from Gosfield, as they travel to Scotland.

For the past few months, the pair, who were raised in Sible Hedingham, have been raising funds for the charity and have already exceeded their £4,500 target .

They have also been regularly training a the Notley Discovery Centre Hill in Braintree.

The pair were chosen out of more than 750 applicants and start the trek today with it concluding on Saturday.

The trek will be six nights of camping and five nights of trekking the West Highlands Way in Scotland.

Walkers will be aiming to hit a pace of 20km a day and will be totalling half the ascent of Mount Everest.

It comes after Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39.

Gemma said:

“A lot of the women trekking are breast cancer survivors, like Kate, but many are also living with breast cancer and some are walking for people they have lost to breast cancer.

We are delighted that we are so close to hitting our target thanks to the support of our friends, family, local businesses and salons.

“This trek is so important to us as Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39, the same age as Sarah Harding.

“Luckily Kate followed CoppaFeel so she knew the signs and when she was turned away by the first doctor she had the confidence to go back which resulted in her cancer diagnosis two weeks later.

“Thankfully Kate caught her cancer early, we want that to be the case for everyone.

“Knowing that breast cancer affects men and women of all ages we want everyone know the signs, feeling confident in checking their chests and understanding what’s normal for them.

“When it comes to the trek Kate and I have very different strengths and weaknesses.

“I’m most worried about the mountains and my fitness but Kate is most worried about sleeping on the mats.

“Either way we know we are going to be surrounded by a group of incredible individuals that will be a reminder of why we need to dig deep and get ourselves up the Munro’s and safely to our families.”

To donate, visit Gemma and Kate's fundraiser here.