A LANDOWNER is telling developers to fix issues with their housing development after she claims flooding led to her pony catching a debilitating disease.

Elizabeth Rai, 43, says she wants developers Bellway Homes to take action over flooding issues on her land.

She claims the issues are caused by the nearby 90 homes development built by Bellway Homes, in Earls Cone.

Mrs Rai, who’s land is off Station Road, has owned the land for 15 years and uses it to home a number of rescue animals, including five horses.

She says that, due to the flooding, her pony Bella, a 17-year-old rescue pony, caught Laminitis, a debilitating illness caused by overfeeding.

According to Mrs Rai, the flood water sits underground and but has also filled her land’s ditch.

Unknown to Mrs Rai, while she knew the flooding was under her stable block, she didn’t realise it had reached the bottom of her field where the horses graze.

As a result, the grass became more luscious and thick, leading to her pony overfeeding itself.

She says the flooding is caused by the homes and a nearby sub-basin which isn’t containing the water.

Mrs Rai says she has been in touch with Bellway Homes along with her solicitor to raise issues, but feels Bellway has accused her of lying.

Proceeding with legal action would lead to litigation, a process which could cost up to £40,000 and one Mrs Rai cannot afford.

She said: “The first flood was last year.

“I don’t care how many houses they put up, I just don’t want them flooding my land and I don’t like being called a liar.

“The water doesn’t run down the drive or anything, but is actually underground and is now under my stable block.

“I’ve owned this land for 15 years and I know the area. The land they built those homes on is a place I used to ride my horses on, so I know it used to hold water.

“Why would I waste £50,000 on a stable if the land was flooding then? “It’s because its only started flooding since they built those homes and the sub-basin.

“All I want is for the water to stop.”

In response to Mrs Rai’s comments, Bellway Homes said it was unable to comment further.

A Bellway spokesman said: “Due to the ongoing legal proceedings, Bellway is unable to provide any further comments at this time.”