A TEAM of young swimmers had a great restart to competitive swimming following lockdown.

Ten and 11-year-olds from Halstead Swimming Club took part in the Swim England East Region - Future Champions event last week.

It was the first time the team has met since the start of lockdown and the first ever meet for two of the team’s swimmers.

The team included Charlie Nicolau, Emogene Kent-Jackson, Esme Osterritter, Imogen Cunliffe, Jasper Eaves, Jasper Kirkland, Joseph Bale, Layla Jennings, Maisie Draper and Monty Ames-Tull.

Layla won gold in the 100m backstroke.

Joseph, aged ten, won three golds in the 50m breaststroke, 100m breaststroke, making him the fastest in the county, and the 50m backstroke.

He also won silver in the 100m backstroke and 50m freestyle.

Head coach John Lowe said, “We are a small club with a massive heart.

“Each and every swimmer gave all they had. Each and every one had massive personal bests or very good recorded times.”