CONCERNS have been raised over people becoming ill after swimming in the River Stour.

The Environment Agency was recently alerted to people becoming unwell after swimming in the river in Bures.

It is understood lots of paddleboarders and youngsters have been getting sick after having swam in the river, or accidentally ingesting the water in recent weeks.

Bures Sportsground Committee has installed a warning sign by the river alerting residents and visitors to the dangers of swimming in it.

It said: “We have been advised that members of the public who have swum in the River Stour have become ill with vomiting and diarrhoea.

“Do not swim here until further notice.”

River users, who asked not to be named, believe algae, a dead animal or a sewage leak could have caused swimmers to fall ill.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: “We were recently made aware of people becoming ill from swimming at Bures.

“Our officers attended the site and carried out some sampling, including a test for E. coli.

“Four separate locations in the Stour, and on the stretch of river running through Bures, were tested.

“Unfortunately the results were inconclusive and did not identify the cause which made people ill.”

He said anyone can become unwell when swimming in open waters.

“To help reduce the risk of becoming ill, Public Health England and the Environment Agency offer advice in their swim healthy guidance - available on - before making any decision on swimming.”