AN abandoned dog who was left behind when her owner moved is set to star in a national TV programme.

Lila, who is a seven-year-old Shar Pei, featured in the new series of Dog Rescuers on tonight at 7pm.

The show follows RSPCA officers as they are out on the road saving dogs from cruelty and neglect.

She was left behind by her owner when they moved away before being rescue by the RSPCA.

The Channel Five Show, which is hosted by comedian and actor Alan Davies, follows Lila's recovery and treatment for eye and ear issues after being rescued by Inspector Jess Dayes in Essex.

Halstead Gazette: Vets at Danaher animal home treated Lila (Credit: Channel 5/RSPCA)Vets at Danaher animal home treated Lila (Credit: Channel 5/RSPCA)

Lila was being cared for by neighbours before being rescued and was taken to the RSPCA Danaher Animal Home in Wethersfield for a check up.

It was there vets discovers she had issues with her eyes as well as inflamed ears.

Lila was suffering from entropion which is where the eyelid rolls in towards the eyeball causing fur and eyelashes to rub and irritate the surface of the eye.

After having an operation as a puppy, Lila needed another to tix the problem again with Danaher vet Robert Lees carrying out the surgery.

Halstead Gazette: Lila was abandoned by her owner when they moved away without her (Credit: Channel 5/RSPCA)Lila was abandoned by her owner when they moved away without her (Credit: Channel 5/RSPCA)

He said: “The trouble with these dogs is there is so much loose skin it can be difficult to judge quite how much to take away which is probably what happened in her first operation.

"We’ve managed to take this lid that’s folding over and take that excess skin away so she should be a lot more comfortable now.”

After her surgery, Lila recovered in the care of the RSPCA.

Jess, who rescued her, said: “Lila is a friendly dog and will make somebody a lovely pet.

"She’s going to tick a lot of boxes for rehoming which is great. She’s a really loving dog. I’ve got a soft spot for Lila!”

Lila was later rehomed to a new family.