RESIDENTS can expect to see 80 new homes in their village after a development bid was given the final green-light by developers.

Developer Persimmon Homes Essex has been granted permission to carry out their plans to build the homes in Earls Colne.

An original application to build on the site, which is located south of Halstead Road, was approved by Braintree Council in 2017.

However, the bid was a reserved matters application meaning the developers needed to seek further planning permission from the council at a later date.

Now the developers have had that application approved with the reserved matters bid outlining their plans for the scale, appearance, layout and landscaping of the development.

Braintree Council's planning committee met on Tuesday, July 20 to discuss the proposals with all but one councillor, who abstained, voting in favour of granting planning permission.

It comes after the application received flak from residents, with a total of 29 objection comments submitted to Braintree Council.

Key issues raised included a proposed footpath on Nonancourt Way and construction traffic using the Thomas Bell Road cul-de-sac for access.

One resident said: "It is proposed to move the footpath linking the proposed new development into Nonancourt Way from the southern side of the play area to the northern side.

"There have been a number of occasions where we have almost run children over, as children seem to have no regard for this being a driveway.

"Having the new footpath where it is currently proposed is going to make this so much worse as people will cut off the path onto the drive which is a danger to the children and unfair on the residents who use the drive.

"The footpath link should not be on this side of the play area which will make it dangerous."

In response to complaints, the developers have altered their application and council bosses plan on imposing a condition on their bid.

After the developers amended their construction management plan, access to the site for construction traffic will now solely be via Halstead Road.

The council have also asked that the developers install a 600mm high metal railing running parallel to the Nonancourt Way footpath to stop people straying on to a specific driveway.