POLICE are stepping up patrols in a village following complaints regarding drug use in the area.

Residents in Castle Hedingham can expect to see more officers in the village.

It comes as Essex Police announced on social media that areas of the village were added to recent weekend patrols.

Police say they were contacted by Castle Hedingham Parish Council regarding drug use in the community.

Certain parts of the village are regarded as haunts for drug users.

Police said officers were stepping up patrols in the village over the weekend in a bid to stave off anti-social behaviour.

It comes as Essex Police chiefs also announced they were increasing patrols in Halstead.

The town’s public gardens and Kings Park have seen more police activity following reports of anti-social behaviour, including vandalism and drug use.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “Last week Castle Hedingham Parish Council contacted us about drugs in the community.

“These areas were added to local officers’ patrol plans and were visited over the weekend.

“We are in regular contact with our parish councils who inform us about issues and concerns in the community. We can then work with them to resolve these together.”