ESSEX Police are urging anyone who is the victim of racial abuse to report it and insist they will investigate cases.

The force was responding to internet troll abuse against England footballers.

Supt Richard Melton, lead for hate crime, hostility and anti-social behaviour, said: “We, like many people across Essex, have been horrified by the racial abuse directed at England players Marcus Rashford, Jaydon Sancho and Bukayo Saka after the Euro 2020 final.

“Although the result wasn't what we hoped for, it's absolutely no excuse for the appalling behaviour we have seen reported across the country.

“We would like to remind our residents that racial abuse of any kind in Essex is not acceptable and will be investigated

“Everyone has the right to live, work and socialise in Essex without fear of abuse.

“If you have suffered racial abuse or if you have witnessed racial abuse, please report it to us. We will always take it seriously and we will investigate it.

“If you do not want to report your experiences directly to us, or you do not want to give your details, you can also go to to do so.”