The number of people hesitant to get a Covid vaccine in the Braintree district has been revealed.

Figures show that three in every 100 people aged 50 and over in Braintree have yet to receive a first vaccine, despite being invited to book a jab more than two months ago.

The NHS has hailed reaching the "home straight" of the vaccination rollout with people aged 25 and over now being invited to come forward.

But data shows in Braintree, 2,109 people aged 50 and over had still to receive a first vaccine dose as of May 30- 3 per cent of the age group.

The figure was highest in the neighbourhood of Bocking Churchstreet and Blackwater where 5.3 per cent of over 50s had not had a jab.

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Three-quarters of the adult population across England have had their first dose, while more than half are fully vaccinated.

A total of 4 per cent of people aged 50 and over- 800,600 adults- had not been vaccinated as of May 30.

A study by PHE has found that protection against the Delta variant is only 33 per cent after a first dose of vaccine, but at least 60 per cent after a second.

New research funded by the British Heart Foundation reveals new technology has been revealed which could be used to tailor treatment and give people the best chance of recovery.

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