DEVELOPERS are aiming to bring 11 homes to a village after submitting alternative plans.

Residents in Finchingfield could see a new development come to land west of Hill House, Brent Hall Road.

The site has been the target of several development bids, with plans for ten homes and another for 16 being allowed on appeal back in January 2020. The new plans are alternative proposals to those granted last year.

The bid has been given approval by the Finchingfield Parish Council, which has requested some minor modifications to improve the development’s visual appearance.

However, some residents object to the development, feeling it is too far removed from the previously granted bids and poses a traffic safety risk.

One said: “This planning application differs considerably from those allowed at appeal, in that the proposed property layout and orientation will result in a loss of our privacy.

“The proposed housing stock includes semi-detached properties which conflict with the existing density, consisting exclusively of detached properties in large plots.

“The additional traffic that will be forced to use Brent Hall Road to access local amenities represents a severe highway safety risk to anyone walking or cycling.

“We do not consider enough weight has been given to this concern by Essex Highways or the Planning Inspectorate when previously granting planning permission.”